Elisa Simoni graduated in Ravenna at the Art Institute for the mosaic "Gino Severini" and later of the Accademy of Fine Arts where she perfected his studies through the Master's degree diploma
with an original thesis on their artistic research.
In 2003 she was selected to achieve one of the ten planters decorated with mosaics that are now outside the entrance to Mar (Art Museum in the city of Ravenna).
In 2007 she won first prize in the fourth edition of the Biennial International of Mosaic -city of Ravenna
with a project for children entitled "A world of colors."
The work was carried out in collaboration with the students of the Accademy of Fine Arts of Ravenna and is now the east entrance of the mall Esp Ravenna.
Elected vice president AIMC (International Association of Contemporary Mosaic)from 2006 to 2010. From 2000 to 2009 she taught at primary and secondary schools dealing with art studios and manipulation.
She has taught courses and workshops in pedagogy and psychology of color and form in technical  schools.
Since 2001, Elisa has been teaching mosaic at the University of adult.
She has done many  exhibitions including one significant in Venice in 2004.
She has done collaborations with international artists such as Giosetta Fioroni, Sandro Chia, Piero Gilardi, Barnils Sergi, Rita Mangano.


Actually Elisa worked and teaching at the University and in her mosaic lab in Ravenna.


Significant collaborations
2010 - Lugo (RA). Project management and implementation of a mosaic made with the students of university adult mosaic on canvas by Rita Mangano.
Donated by the hospital of Lugo
2010 - Sancti Spiritus, Cuba: participation in the assembly of the mosaic mural "The powerful"
and rapporteur at the local radio and television.
2009 - Damascus, Syria: rapporteur at the workshop of restoration of mosaic "Summer school".
2008 - Gaziantep, Turkey: Rapporteur to AIMC Congress XII. Preview presentation of the first International Festival of contemporary mosaic city of Ravenna.
2006 - Skopje, Macedonia: X Congress of AIMC. Rapporteur of his artistic
During the congress unanimously elected Vice-President.
2001-Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna - Realization of a three-dimensional mosaic in collaboration with the artist Giosetta Fioroni.
2000 - Montalcino (Fi)-Construction of mosaic panels and three-dimensional work on a cartoon artist Sandro Chia. Some works were present at the exhibition "Muses / mosaic" at Sea, art museum she Ravenna.
1999-Mar (Ra) - three-day workshop titled "Unlikely" means the physical expression to multimedia performance in collaboration with the artist Piero Gilardi

Main group:
2010 - Paray-le-Monial, France-"Biblio mosaic, livres d'artistes"
2010 - Conselice (RA) - Bibliomosaico, mosaic artist's books "
2009-Ravenna-Ravenna mosaic Biennial Review "First Festival of Contemporary Mosaic"
Locations: Library Oriani "Installations mosaic" - publishing house Edizioni Il Girasole "Bibliomosaico" Rasponi gallery, photo exhibition "I, mosaic"
2006-Conselice (RA), City Theatre. Exposure of certain works during the theatrical season of Ivano Marescotti
2005 - Massa Lombarda (RA), the Carmelite church. Shows, installations and performances
"Work in progress of work"
2003 - International Biennial of Ravenna-mosaic sez.arredo urban youth.
Construction and placement in the center of a flowerpot decorated with mosaics by Title
"Night of Ra".
2001-Foggia-Laboratory Visual Arts, the exhibition "The psychological age of art"

Key Personal:
2010 - Marina Romea (RA), Columbia Hotel - "Living Mosaic"
2005 - Conselice (RA), Art Gallery Meeting - Elisa Simoni, mosaics,
2004-Venice, Spiazzi-cultural association "da'Mare Reflections" - by Josephine Rocca
2004 - Lugo (Ra), Artepiù Gallery - "Reflections da'Mare" - by Angela Tampieri,
2002 - Voltana (Ra) Ca'vecchia Community Center - "T'essere"-by Mario Paganini
1998 - Bagnacavallo (Ra) Square Tavern new - "Mosaic Elisa Simoni" text M. Tosi

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